Agatha Christie ✅

Agatha Christie ✅


English Author of the police genre, certainly one of the most prolific and read of the TWENTIETH century. Daughter of a prosperous New York renter who died when she was eleven years old, she received private education until adolescence and then studied singing in Paris.

It Was unveiled in 1920 with The mysterious case of Styles. In This first story, written while working as a nurse during the First World War, appears the famous researcher Hercules Poirot, who soon combined in other works with Miss Marple, an insightful elderly lady.

In 1914 he had married Archibald Christie, who was divorced in 1928. Plunged into a long depression, he starred in an enigmatic disappearance: One night in December 1937 his car appeared abandoned near the road, without traces of the writer. Eleven days later he checked into a hotel with the name of a mistress of her husband. She Was found by her family and recovered after psychiatric treatment.

Two years later he married the archaeologist Max Mallowan, whom he accompanied in all his travels to Irak and Syria. He Came to spend long periods in these countries; These rooms inspired several of his hundreds of subsequent novels, such as Assassination in Mesopotamia (1930), Death in the Nile (1936) and Appointment with Death (1938).

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The structure of the plot of its narratives, based on the tradition of the enigma to be discovered, is always similar, and its development is based on psychological observation. Some of his novels were adapted to the theatre by the author herself, and several of them have been taken to the cinema. Among His most popular titles are Assassination in the Orient-Express (1934), Death in the Nile (1937) and Ten Negritos (1939). In His last novel, Curtain (1974), the death of the character Hercules Poirot concludes a fictitious career of almost sixty years.

Perhaps His best work is one of the first, The assassination of Roger Ackroyd (1926), in which the author served the story in the first person to hide and at the same time reveal the identity of the murderer. In The assassination of Roger Ackroyd, the rural doctor Sheppard not only represents the role of assistant of the Belgian detective Hercules Poirot, but also notes the events caused by a murder by poisoning previously occurred, a suicide and the Crime mentioned in the title. It Plans to publish a certain day its report as one of the few cases «not resolved » by the famous Poirot, and maintains so refinedly concealed the data relating to its own role, which in the end allows Poirot himself to see his annotations.

What according to his own manifestations seduced Agatha Christie of this constellation was the need to formulate certain passages of the report in a way so ambiguous that in the end, when Poirot gathers the loose pieces of the puzzle, the dismayed reader You have to confess that you mistakenly did not include the phony Sheppard in your considerations. This refined construction has turned The murder of Roger Ackroyd into one of those rare detective novels whose second reading produces in the amateur of this genre more intellectual pleasure than the first.


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A corpse in the Library (1942)

In This story, Miss Marple is hired to solve the crime of a young damsel who was found strangled in a house library. In This same house, an ex-military was spending the holidays with his family, and it seems that all rumors are hovering over him… True to his style, the writer is able to keep the suspense to the last page of the book.

Ten Negritos (1939)

The plot begins with the invitation of 10 people to an elegant dinner on an island, where they are accused of being responsible for the death of someone in the past. Along with the accusation, also an award: a statuette of a negrito. When They realize they can’t escape the island, they begin to be killed one by one. Without a doubt, Ten Negritos is not only one of the best books of Agatha Christie, but one of the most fascinating detective novels of all time.

The Train of the 4:50 (1957)

Mrs McGillicuddy, on her way back from London after a Christmas shopping, becomes a witness to the strangulation of a young woman. The problem? That The assassination happens on the train opposite to where our protagonist went and, when he got off at the station, the police, nor did anyone believe his argument. Therefore, he feels that it is time to call Miss Marple, because she is the only one able to decipher the mystery…

Three Blind Mice (1950)

The plot tells the story of a group of people who come to a Victorian-style mansion, from which they are prevented from going out after a heavy snowfall. Among The group there is a murderer who will seek to quench his dark desires at all costs… By Way of curiosity, you will be interested to know that this short novel contains one of the most parodied scenes, even in the Simpsons series.

A Murder Is announced (1950)

Through the newspaper, a murder is announced; That’s just the point of this story. The funny Thing is that it explicitly details the day, date and exact time in which the crime will be committed. This is one of Agatha Christie’s Books that leads readers to explore different regions of England to the beat of Miss Marple in their attempt to solve this mystery.




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