Julio Verne ✅

Julio Verne ✅


A French Writer, Julio Verne or, as he is known in Spanish, Julio Verne, was one of the great authors of the novels of Adventures and science fiction of the NINETEENTH century. Emphasizing his capacity for technological and social anticipation that has led him to be considered as one of the parents of the genre of science fiction literature and the <moderna>adventure novel of his time, predicting many of the technological inventions of THE twentieth century in His works.

Born into a wealthy family and being the eldest of 5 brother Verne enjoyed a good education and as a young man began writing narrations and stories about all travel and adventure, had a conflicting relationship with his father because of his great authority, coming to No Re-visit your home by achieving economic independence. Because of his premature infatuation unrequited for his cousin at the age of eleven, he developed a great aversion to women, it was not until 1857 that he married a wealthy widow, mother of two daughters, and four years later had his only son together, Michael Verne.

Before entering the University, he studied philosophy and rhetoric at the Liceo of Nantes, then traveled to Paris and graduated in Law. In 1848 he wrote sonnets and some theatre scripts and met the Dumas family, which influenced his future works a lot and helped him to disseminate them. In 1849 he approved the doctoral thesis of Law but was decided by writing getting the disappointment and aversion of his father who wanted to exercise as a lawyer.

Verne devoted himself to literature despite not having any financial support, which undermined his health seriously, his first works were not very successful, so he had to reconcile his passion for writing with teaching to survive. He undertook several trades as secretary or stockbroker before he could live on his writings.

From 1850 began to publish and work in the theater thanks to the help of Alexander Dumas. However, it is with its trip of 1859 to Scotland that Verne starts a new road thanks to its series of the extraordinary Voyages, of which it stands out Five weeks in balloon or around The world in 80 days. The success of Verne’s novels was increasing and with the support of his friend and editor Hetzel had great sales. Verne was a real workaholic, spent days and days writing and revising texts.

Julio Verne

In 1886 he was attacked by his nephew

In 1886 Verne was attacked by his nephew with whom he had a cordial relationship for no reason, who caused serious injuries, causing a limp from which he would not recover. After this, and the death of his mother and his friend and editor, Verne published his latest works with a more somber touch than the cheerful adventure of his beginnings. In 1888 he was elected councillor of the town Council of the city of Amiens, exercising the office for 15 years.

His novels have been translated into many countries

His novels have been and continue to be published and translated around the world, being one of the most translated authors in history. Titles as famous as From the Earth to the Moon, Voyage to the Center of the Earth, 20 000 leagues of submarine Voyage, Miguel Strogoff, School of Robinsones… They make of Verne a timeless classic of the Novel of Adventures and Science fiction, with many of his works adapted to the cinema and the television.

Some of his books were

Julio Verne

The discovery of the earth: Marco Polo-Christopher Columbus

2014 (2016) San Carlos and Other Stories

2012 The Anarchist of the Magallania

2011 Christopher Columbus

2010 Paris in the TWENTIETH century

1994 (2017) Uncle Robinson’s Island

1991 (2012) Journey in the backhairs of England and Scotland

1989 (2010) Yesterday and tomorrow

1987 (2003) Jean de Bethencourt

1978 (2007) Exciting Adventures of the BARSAC mission

1919 (2016) The invisible Man or the secret of Wilhelm Storitz

1910 (2009) The Eternal Adam

1910 (2015) The castaways of the Jonathan

1909 (2014) The Meteor Hunt

1908 (2003) The pilot of the Danube

1908 (2003) Agency Thompson y Cía

1907 (2008) The Golden Volcano

1906 (2000) The Lighthouse of the end of the world

1905 (2012) The invasion of the Sea

1905 (2005) Owner of the World

1904 (2000) a drama in Livonia

1904 (2016) The Pirates of the Halifax

1903 (2008) The Kip Brothers

1902 (2016) The Air Village

1901 (2016) The stories of Juan María Cabidoulin

1901 (2008) Second Homeland

1900 (2017) The Testament of an eccentric

1899 (2008) The superb Orinoco

1898 (2003) The Sphinx of the Ice

1897 (2008) Before the flag

1896 (2003) Clovis Dardenr

1896 (2008) Propeller Island

1895 (2016) An Express of the future

1895 (1991) Wonderful Adventures of Antifer

1894 (2016) Adventures of an Irish child

1893 (2011) Claudio Bombarnac

1893 (2013) The Carpathian Castle

1892 (2016) The Day of an American journalist in 2889

1891 (2014) Mistress Branican

1891 (2008) César Rattlesnake

1890 (2015) Maston’s Secret

1889 (2003) Two-year vacation

1888 (2017) Family without name

1888 (2015) The Road of France

1887 (2008) Gil Braltar

1887 (2005) North vs. South

1887 (2003) Robur the Conqueror

1886 (2016) a lottery ticket

1886 (2008) The Castaway of Cynthia

1885 (2003) Matías Sandorf

1885 (2008) The Archipelago in flames

1884 (2003) Frritt-FLACC

1884 (2015) The South Star

1884 (2015) Kerabán the stubborn

1883 (2008) Ten hours of hunting

1882 (2014) The Green Ray

1882 (1998) Robinsons School

1882 (2013) The Steam House

1880 (2016) The Jangada

1880 (2016) The tribulations of a Chinese in China

1879 (2007) The mutineers of the Bounty

1879 (2002) The Begum Five hundred million

1878 (2015) A fifteen-year-old captain

1878 (2008) Héctor SERVADAC

1877 (2008) The Black Indies

1877 (2017) Martín Paz

1877 Miguel Strogoff

1876 (2017) The Chancellor

1875 (2014) Dr. Ox

1874 (2014) Master Zechariah

1874 (2016) The Mysterious Island

1874 (2016) An wintering between the ice

1874 (2002) around the world in Eighty Days

1873 (2017) Adventures of three Russians and three Englishmen

1872 (2015) The country of the skins

1872 (2015) The Earl of Chanteleine

1871 (1940) blocking force

1871 (2008) a floating city

1871 (2016) Around the Moon

1870 (2013) Twenty thousand leagues of Submarine voyage

1869 (2017) The children of Captain Grant

1867 (2012) The Adventures of Captain Hatteras

1866 (2002) From Earth to Moon

1865 (2016) Journey to the center of the Earth

1864 (2017) Five weeks in a balloon

1863 (2016) a drama in Mexico

Julio Verne died

Julio Verne died in Amiens on March 24, 1905 with 77 years. After his death, his son, Michael Verne, continued to publish some works under the name of his father, which has created some confusion in the authorship of some books.



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