Mark Twain ✅

Mark Twain ✅


(Samuel Langhorne Clemens; Florida, USA, 1835-Redding, ID, 1910) American Writer. Tireless Adventurer, he found in his own life the inspiration for his literary works. He Grew Up in Hannibal, a small riverside town in Mississippi. At The age of twelve he was orphaned by father, dropped out of school and entered as a typographer’s apprentice in an editorial, while he began writing his first newspaper articles in the offices of Philadelphia and Saint Louis.

At the age of eighteen he decided to leave his home and start his trips in search of adventure and, above all, of fortune. He Worked as a typographer for a while in his region, and then headed to New Orleans; On the way he enlisted as a pilot of a river steamer, a profession that excited him and he played for a while, until the War of Secession of 1861 interrupted the river traffic, ending his career as a pilot.

He Then headed west to the Nevada Mountains where he worked in the primitive miners ‘ fields. His desire to make a fortune led him to seek gold, without much success, so he was forced to work as a journalist, writing articles that immediately charged a personal style. Its first literary success came to him in 1865, with the short story The famous jumping frog of Skulls, which appeared in a newspaper signed already with the pseudonym of Mark Twain, technical name of the pilots which means «mark two probes».

Mark Twain

He travelled as a journalist

As a journalist, he traveled to San Francisco, where he met the writer Bret Harte, who encouraged him to pursue his literary career. Then Began a stage of continuous travel, as a journalist and lecturer, who took him to Polynesia and Europe, and whose experiences related in the Book of Travel The Innocents Abroad (1869), which followed the Brega (1872), which recreates their adventures by The West.

After marrying in 1870 with Olivia Langdon, he settled in Connecticut. Six years later he published the first novel that would give him fame, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, based on his childhood on the shores of the Mississippi. He had Previously written a novel in collaboration with C. D. Warner, The Golden Age (1873), considered rather mediocre.

However, his literary talent was fully deployed with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1882), a work set also on the shores of Mississippi, but not as autobiographical as Tom Sawyer, and that is without a doubt his masterpiece, and even one of the most outstanding of the American literature, for which he has been considered the American Dickens. Also noteworthy is Life in the Mississippi (1883), a work that, more than a novel, is a splendid evocation of the South, not without criticism, as a result of his work as a pilot.

With a popular style, full of humour, Mark Twain contrasts in these works the idealized world of childhood, innocent and at the same time rogue, with a disenchanted conception of the adult man, the man of the industrial age, of the «golden Age» that followed the civil war , deceived by morality and civilization. In His later works, however, the sense of humour and the freshness of the children’s world evoked give way to a pessimism and an increasingly evident bitterness, although expressed with irony and sarcasm.

A series of personal misfortunes, including the death of one of his daughters and his wife, as well as a serious economic breakdown, darkened the last years of his life. In one of his last works, The mysterious outsider, he expressed that he felt like a supernatural visitor, arrived with Halley’s comet, and that he had to leave the Earth with the next reappearance of the comet, as it actually happened.

Mark Twain

Books by Mark Twain

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Books by Mark Twain
Three thousand years between microbes

2014 Year 1601

2013 Dick Baker’s Cat

2012 Letters from the Earth

2012 Diary of Adam and Eve

2012 Select Stories

2010 Passing Fatigue

2010 The Mark Twain Dictionary

2003 Travel around the world, following the Equator

2001 Love Letters

2000 Chronicler of his time

2000 Full Stories 1 1865-1879

2000 Full Stories 2 1880-1889

2000 Full Stories 3 1890-1899

2000 Full Stories 4 1900-1905

2000 Full Stories 5 1906-1916

2000 The Three Erres

2000 Mark Twain’s story Selection

2000 a mystery, a death and a marriage

2000 The Bible According to Mark Twain

1995 (2002) Tom Sawyer across the world

1985 The Bad Boy and the Good Boy

1982 Reflections Against Religion

1963 New Stories

1947 Autobiography

1924 The Curious Republic of Gondour and other strange short stories

1919 The Mysterious Outsider

1916 Letter to California Pioneers

1911 The Jubilee of Queen Victoria

1910 The Irreverent Writings

1909 (2010) Captain Storms

1909 Has Shakespeare died?

1909 (2010) The Story of a horse

1907 Adam and Eve Diaries

1906 a legacy of 30,000 dollars

1906 what is Hobro?

1906 Prayer of War

1905 Soliloquy of King Leopold. A defense of your dominion of the Congo

1905 Tale of a dog

1904 Adam’s Diary Excerpt

1904 Two detectives before a barrel

1902 the person seated in the dark

1901 English as taught

1901 The man who corrupted Hadelyburg and other Tales

1900 (2011) The man who corrupted a city

1900 (1947) The Distastes of humble Life

1900 The Corrupter of Hadleyburg

1899 Tom Sawyer Detective

1897 (2014) Travel around the world following Ecuador

1897 personal Memories of Joan of ARC

1896 Cabezahueca Wilson

1894 The American Count

1892 The American Suitor

1892 (2013) A sensational story and other Stories

1890 (1947) A Yankee in the court of King Arthur

1889 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

1884 Life in the Mississippi

1883 The Prince and the Beggar

1882 The robbery of the White Elephant and other tales

1882 (2013) A curious adventure

1881 a homeless man abroad

1880 Drilled, siblings, drilled

1878 a quiet excursion

1878 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

1876 (2008) The Golden Age

1873 The Innocent in their country

1873 Humorous Tales

1872 (2010) A rare dream

1872 A Hard Life

1872 The Innocents Abroad

1869 Guide for innocent travelers

1868 (2009) The famous jumping frog of the skull District



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