Oscar Wilde ✅

Oscar Wilde ✅


Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie’ll Wilde. He Is considered one of the most prominent playwrights of England in the Victorian era. He Was a poet and writer, in 1895 he was sentenced to two years of forced labour when he was accused of sodomy.

Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland; Son of the surgeon William ‘lls-Wilde and writer Joana Elgee. He Had a quiet childhood and no jumps.

He Studied at the Royal School of Euniskillen, at Trinity College in Dublin and later, at the Magdalen College in Oxford, where he remained between 1874 and 1878 and in which he received the Newdigate poetry Prize, which was very prestigious at the time.

Oscar Wilde combined his university studies with different trips, in 1877 visited Italy and Greece, while publishing in several newspapers and magazines his first poems, which were gathered in 1881 in Poems. The following year he embarked on a trip to the United States, where he offered a series of lectures on his theory about aesthetic philosophy, which defended the idea of «art for Art» and in which he laid the foundations of what was later called Dandyism.


On his return, Oscar Wilde did the same in British universities and cultural centers, where he was exceptionally well received. He was Also in France, a country he visited in 1883 and in which he became friends with Verlaine and other writers of the time.

On May 29, 1884, in Paddington, London, he married Constance Lloyd, daughter of Horace Lloyd, counselor of the Queen. The couple had two sons: Cyril, who was born in June 1885, and Vyvyan, born in November 1886. The couple separated as a result of the scandal for their prosecution.

Between 1887 and 1889 he edited a women’s magazine, Woman’s World, and in 1888 published a Book of Tales, The Happy Prince (The Happy Prince), whose good reception motivated the publication, in 1891, of several of his works, including The crime of Lord Arthur Saville (Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime)

Wilde’s success was based on the stabbing and epiprogrammatic wit that he squandered in his works, almost always devoted to fustigar the hypocrisy of his contemporaries. Likewise, a novel published previously in the form of fascicles, The portrait of Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray), the only novel by Wilde, whose authorship reported fierce criticism from Puritan and conservative sectors because of his Misrepresentation of the subject of Faust.

Wilde in prison

On May 27, 1895, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to two years in prison and forced labor accused of sodomy with Lord Alfred Douglas, son of Constance Lloyd, wife of Wilde, and Cyril, his son.
Marquis of Queensberry. The many pressures and requests for clemency made from progressive sectors and from several of the most important European literary circles were not heard and the writer was forced to comply entirely with the penalty. Sent to Wandsworth and Reading, where he wrote the later acclaimed Ballad of the prison, the sentence meant the loss of everything he had achieved during his glory years.
Regained freedom, he changed his name and surname (he adopted those of Sebastian Melmoth) and emigrated to Paris, where he remained until his death. His last years of life were characterized by economic fragility, his health losses, the problems derived from his fondness of drinking and a last-minute approach to Catholicism. Only posthumously his works were again represented and edited. In 1906, Richard Strauss put music to his drama Salome, and over the years he translated into several languages practically all of his literary production.


His Death

In 1900 Visit Sicily and Rome in the spring. In October he was operated on an acute otitis and on 30 November of that same year, he died in Paris, in the Hotel d’Alsace of the Rue des Beaux Arts, as a result of an attack of meningitis. Before He died, and in full use of his mental faculties, he converted to the Catholic faith, receiving the baptismal waters.

On December 14, 2011, opens a new tomb for this famous writer, protected by a glass urn in the Parisian Cemetery Pere Lachaise coinciding with the 11th anniversary of his death, the new tomb was presented to the public as the previous It was full of painted lips of women who came to kiss her, besides being adorned by an Angel full flight made by the sculptor Jacob Epstein, was painted with graffiti which multiplied the work of cleaning and weakened the stone.


The Portrait of Dorian Gray
The crime of Lord Arthur Saville and Other Stories:
The crime of Lord Arthur Saville
The Ghost of Canterville
The unsecreted Sphinx
The Millionaire Model
The portrait of Mr. W. H.
Of Profundis
Teleny or The reverse of the medal


The Happy Prince and Other Tales:
The Happy Prince
The Nightingale and the Rose
The Selfish Giant
The Faithful Friend
The Famous rocket
A House of grenades:
The Young King
The birthday of the Infanta
The fisherman and his soul
The Star Child


The Decay of the Lie
Pen, pencil and Poison
The critic artist
The Truth About Masks
The Soul of Man under Socialism
Phrases and philosophies for the use of youth
Some maxims for the instruction of the super-educated


Prose Poems
The Sphinx
Ballad of Reading Prison


Vera or Nihilists
The Duchess of Padua
Lady Windermere’s Fan
A woman of no importance
An Ideal Husband
The importance of calling yourself Ernesto


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